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We've been working on a new look for Homeschool Reporting Online (updated website, new logo and color scheme, etc.). Connect with us on Social Media to get a sneak peak!

What are other homeschoolers teaching?

Leveraging 20 years of the collective wisdom of homschool families across the country, we've been able to provide our members with a new Homeschool Curriculum Research Tool that will help give you confidence as you plan your child's school year. Login to try it out!

How are homeschool students performing?

Homeschool Reporting Online has been collecting home education data for the past 20 years.

Report: Average GPA for Home Educated High School Students (9th - 12th)

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Homeschool Reporting Online only requires grades on a quarter or semester basis. To track grades more frequently, use our Daily Grade Tracker Excel spreadsheet.

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